Table Tennis for All

Norman Booth Centre, Elderfield, Mulberry Green, Old Harlow, Harlow, CM17 0EY. Tel: 01279 438199

Please note there are 2 formats depending on the number of entries.
We will decide nearer the time on which format to run with.

48 Player Format. Entry Fee £16
32 Player Format. Entry Fee £20

All players are invited to Pay on the day.
Please see the flyer for further details.

Hardbat 4 Results

23 Jun 2010

The results for the Hardbat 4 tournament are now available.
The HEATT committee has decided in favour of a more accurate way in which to work out the "World Rankings".
Only the last 3 "Elite" Hardbat Tournaments will be used for the ranking process.
The All Time list published earlier is now superseded by this latest edition.

Please see the "OFFICIAL HARDBAT RANKING LIST" for June 2010.
Player Pools and Seedings for future Tournaments.
Players who do not appear on the latest list will be dummy ranked accordingly, based on any previous hardbat results, or known hardbat playing ability.

Present: Natalie Green, Aad Kwakkelstein, Dennis Stocks, Eric Todd, Martin Verdon, Wendy Esquivel, Paul Collier, Sherlayne Collier, Adrian Cross, Sean Gibson, Ricky Williams, John Holland, Gary Jackson, Terry Dowsett, Sharon Head, Neil Brierley
Apologies for Absence: Nicola and Jimmy Walsh, Anne Webster, Anil Patel
Neil Brierley welcomed everyone to the meeting and introduced the committee and head coach and gave a bit of background on the history of BATTS. He pointed out we have 21 years remaining on our lease at a peppercorn rent so our continuity is assured.
Aad took over and explained the positive contribution members can make not only playing but in all aspects of  the club. He emphasised the “Academy” in BATTS to show we are serious about our table tennis. He talked about regular coaching in one centre with one coach to make the squad into a motivated group with the goal to improve. Aad would like the squad to form teams in the national leagues under the BATTS banner as soon as practical. They should also play in tournaments wearing the BATTS kit. He talked about a code of conduct that would be expected.

This week's programme is as follows:
Monday 31st May : Table tennis practice from 7pm as usual. Can you let Neil know if you plan to come as he may need to find someone to open up !
Tuesday 1st June : Table tennis for newcomers arranged by Harlow Council. They will be sending 2 groups of children; first group 1.30-3pm; second group 3-4.30pm. We would love to have some adult helpers if you are free for either session. We have obtained 3 new members recently from this initiative. Please let Neil know if you can help.
Wednesday and Friday : Practice from 7pm as usual.
Aad's coaching programme continues throughout the week.

May Bulletin

17 May 2010

A quick reminder that this Tuesday (18th May) at the centre is the BATTS AGM starting at 7.45. A new membership scheme is on the agenda so please come along and have your say.
Next weekend (22/23 May) Gareth Herbert is running a training camp for juniors and adults at BATTS. It's fairly full but let Neil know if you want more details.
Practice continues every Monday, Wednesday and Friday from 7pm right through the summer. In addition there is a daytime session at 1.30pm on Wednesdays and a ladies session at 2pm on Tuesdays.

By "very" popular request, we will be holding the next Hardbat tournament on Saturday June 5th. Please see the flyer for further details.
Due to the popularity of these tournaments an early reply by email will be required to guarantee your place in the draw. Alternatively, an email to let Fred know you will not be playing will be helpful.

By Fred Dove
I would like to thank all those who played in this tournament, and I trust you all had a great days table tennis.
Special thanks to Nicola Walsh for running the computer system, Sharon and Lucy for running the canteen, Glenn Johnson as referee, Derek Balding, Kevin James and Tony West for helping set up, and Neil Brierley for his assistance in putting on this event.
Results are available.
Also the latest "World Ranking List" for those interested.

Please Note.
This list is based on a players performance whilst playing in "ELITE" series of Hardbat competition only.
New players taking part in their first hardbat competition are given a dummy ranking.
For this reason, No wins or loss adjustments have been awarded to these players.
Minor adjustments have been made to results in Hardbat 2 (W/L Adj) as it was decided that until a player had earned a ranking, no extra points for wins and losses should be awarded.

Best regards to everyone, and hope to see you all again for the next competition in June.

  1. Chairman’s Introduction
  2. Apologies for absence
  3. Treasurer’s report
  4. Coaching structure and presentation
  5. Details of committee & vacancies
  6. Membership scheme
  7. Constitution
  8. Election of Officers
  9. Any Other Business

May 3rd Practice

03 May 2010

Just confirming that BATTS will be open for practice as usual today (Monday) from 7pm -10pm.
On another matter, one of our fellow table tennis players is looking for lodgings in the area.  If you want more details please be in touch.

The BATTS AGM will be held at the Norman Booth Centre on Tuesday 18th May at 7.45pm. It will be a friendly occasion with tea and coffee flowing freely. 
We would like the best attendance possible since we will be putting forward a formal constitution and a membership scheme, to try and set the club up on a sound footing. These are exciting times for BATTS, with a new junior coaching scheme, and the club busier than ever.  Your input would be really valuable, and everyone will have an equal vote in deciding how we proceed. If you enjoy BATTS, please come along! 
It will help Neil to have an idea if you will be attending so he can send you the agenda, constitution and membership proposals nearer the time. So please notify him if you are intending to come.