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October Superleague

14 Oct 2009

by Keith Lesser
Wang Zheng (2) won the first super league of the season in a very entertaining evening’s table tennis. The standard in the final was a good quality with topspin’s away from the table, solid fishing & even serving each other off. Even at the top level, it shows a good serve can do damage. Po Huang Chen (1) played well to finish 2nd.

October News

10 Oct 2009

MONDAYS :  Harlow League matches have now started so with Gareth's junior training sessions, there is very little practice space between 7 and 9pm. Best to check first or plenty of space if you wish to come along between 9 and 11pm.

The BATTS HARDBAT TABLE TENNIS TOURNAMENT on July 4th brought together many of the leading exponents in the country in the long forgotten art of hardbat play. In that bygone art, players competed with standard rubber bats rather than the super fast bats of the modern age. Long rallies are these days a rarity, but the tournament produced seemingly endless points and much of the excitement of yesteryear. England player Darren Griffin, a master of old and modern bats was a worthy winner.

Firstly may I thank all of those who played in our Hardbat tournament on Saturday. I would also like to thank Neil Brierley, Nicola Walsh and Sharon Head for their hard work in helping me make this hardbat tournament a success. The standard of play was truly fantastic ! Well done to you all. (Fred Dove). Hardbat Results